Uca Allah Buyurur:

Bəndəmizə (Muhəmmədə) hissə-hissə göndərdiyimizdən şübhəniz varsa, Allah ilə aranıza qoyduğunuz ulu adamlarınıza da yalvararaq ondakına bənzər bir surə gətirin! İddianızda haqlısınızsa, edərsiniz!

Bəqərə surəsi, 23

However, this won handle nicknames because you filtering User

Woman in the crowd: “We all saw it was out. Kyrgios points to a mark insists it out. Asks umpire to look at the mark. Sweden also has doping controls at training facilities and Norway’s anti doping strategies have an element of monitoring and policing. For instance, fitness centers that adopt the anti doping programme […]

Woman in the crowd: “We all saw it was out. Kyrgios points to a mark insists it out. Asks umpire to look at the mark. Sweden also has doping controls at training facilities and Norway’s anti doping strategies have an element of monitoring and policing. For instance, fitness centers that adopt the anti doping programme in Norway receive a licence to carry out tests on members suspected of doping. There is no legal obligation to sign up to be a “Clean Center,” but gyms that do are perceived to have a reputational advantage.

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